Who We Are
The Olson Family has been in the firewood business for many years, selling quality mesquite wood out of the family’s wood yard. But long ago, in another life, Steve Olson (our owner) was the proprietor of a bar … he loved the industry and one day knew he would return to it in some way or another. After a few years of big changes in the family, The Olson’s decided to create a new business as a family, one that would serve the local community that they loved and create a meaningful legacy for their family for generations to come. Knowing that there was a need for classic BBQ and a great place to enjoy it alongside cold beer, sports, and friendly service… they opened Mike’s BBQ in 2011 Escondido and Clairemont in 2015. Mike’s is named after the Olson’s nephew Mike Schneider, who passed away just as the restaurant was coming to fruition, at the young age of 16. The Olson’s strive every day to honor his memory and provide a valuable service and product to their community at the same time!

One of our biggest value propositions here at Mike’s is our commitment to our community. We strive to work with as many local vendors as possible, from highlighting and supporting our local breweries to contracting with local tradesmen for our building maintenance needs. We support local sports leagues and teams and honor our local athletes. Most of all, we support our internal community of staff members, striving to provide a healthy and prosperous working environment and give our team members tools that will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our Philosophy
Provide excellent food and services to our guests while continuing to be an important part of our community.